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About George

                                                 "IF YOU WANT GOOD MASONRY, HIRE A GOOD MASON"

George Mainzer's career as a stone mason began while he was a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. What began as a way to earn extra money while in school became his life's work. Boulder knows him best for his historic masonry restorations to homes and buildings on University Hill and the Mapleton neighborhood.
His award winning fireplace designs can be seen in finer  contemporary homes through out the area. Designers and Decorators appreciate Georges' attention to practicality, detail, workmanship, knowledge of codes and "what will work."  Realtors and home buyers call him as a consultant on masonry questions when buying or selling a property.

However, many masonry jobs are just simply practical and George can handle those as well. From thin-veneer to tuck-pointing,patios, bar-b-ques, sidewalks,chimney fixes and all manner of brickwork, he is equally at home. Rental property managers value his prompt, clean repair work and attention to detail as well as reasonable rates.

Whatever the project, large or small, call George and he will be glad to help.

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